Monday, September 9, 2013

Glute Stretch with Stability Ball: Increase Low Back Flexibility, Relieve Sciatica.

Training: This is also featured on podcast "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape, episode Fit 183: Glutes, Guts, and Quick Weight Loss.

Check out the video below (and on for a great Glute Stretch with Stability Ball to increase Low Back Flexibility and Relieve Sciatica.

A form of this stretch is also used in my DVD workouts, Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball  and Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch This stretch is much like the pigeon stretch in yoga.  Using the ball enables a great lower back stretch at the same time. Plus, it's fun to do!

Stretching your glutes is important to the overall health of your back, especially the lower back.
If the glutes are over tight, they can affect the lower back, spine and even your upper back. Releasing the glutes with a solid, focused stretch like this one aids in proper alignment of the legs and hips, as well a release on the low back.  It's all tied together! Sometimes we forget that each muscle does have a specific stretch! Be sure to include this one before and/or after your next weight training or cardio session!

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