Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shape Your Arms with Better Biceps Curls!

Better biceps curls video and downloadable Personal training!

Download the Biceps Curl how to video here, right click and save as.. or click to watch.

The video has voice instructions and counting for you to pace yourself correctly! Load it in your iPod or iPhone and take me with you to workout! You might be surprised to find your regular pace could be slower!

During the exercise focus on the key points:
  • elbows back 
  • shoulders back
  • biceps focus
  • squeeze biceps 
  • control the weight

With these tips you'll have sculpted, shapely biceps in no time!

This video is also featured on "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting In Shape" episode

Fit 181: Biceps Video, Love Your Body, Food Cravings 

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